Shannon W. Anderson

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As the timing of spring productivity blooms in near-shore areas advances due to warming trends in global climate, the selection pressures on out-migrating salmon smolts are shifting. Species and stocks that leave natal streams earlier may be favoured over later-migrating fish. The low post-release survival of hatchery fish during recent years may be in part(More)
The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management was established in 1974 through a gift from Houston Endowment, Inc. The school provides its highly select graduate students with unique opportunities for professional training in management. The master of business administration (MBA) program includes elective offerings in accounting , entrepreneurship,(More)
R esearch in consumer psychology shows that customers seek reasons for service failures and that attributions of blame moderate the effects of failure on the level of customer satisfaction. This paper extends research on service operations failures by hypothesizing that attributions of blame also affect what matters to the customer during service failures.(More)
Prior research documents performance improvements following the implementation of pay-for-performance (PFP) bonus plans. However, bonus plans typically pay for performance relative to a goal and the manager whose performance is to be evaluated often participates in setting goals. In these settings PFP affects managers' incentive to influence goal levels in(More)
RESEARCH INTERESTS Field-based research analyzing archival, survey and interview data to study:-Performance management and cost accounting within and at the boundaries of the firm (e.g., lean production, supplier and alliance partner performance management, customer profitability and lean consumption)-Integration of strategy, operations management and(More)
Conventional wisdom suggests that hiring independent boards limit earnings manipulations and promote accurate reporting. In contrast, this study indicates that hiring some insiders to the board facilitates the integrity of the reporting process. The central result is that strengthening board independence curtails earnings overstatements, but heightens the(More)
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