Shannon V. Spires

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Swarms of mobile robots can be tasked with searching a geographic region for targets of interest, such as buried land mines. We assume that the individual robots are equipped with sensors tuned to the targets of interest, that these sensors have limited range, and that the robots can communicate with one another to enable cooperation. How can a swarm of(More)
In this paper we present and analyze an instance of a mutliagent development system we call the standard agent system that enables the construction of distributed agent-based software systems for R&D, industrial, and government applications. The standard-agent system is implemented as an extensible object framework that provides a means for constructing and(More)
Moving commercial cargo across the US-Mexico border is currently a complex, paper-based, error-prone process that incurs expensive inspections and delays at several ports of entry in the Southwestern US. Improved information handling will dramatically reduce border dwell time, variation in delivery time, and inventories, and will give better control of the(More)
We describe an experimental intelligent electrical outlet that is capable of autonomously controlling loads in a smart grid or micro-grid environment without a centralized computer. The outlet comprises four receptacles, each with voltage sensing, current sensing, actuation, a CPU for implementing closed loop control, and an Ethernet bridge for(More)
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