Shannon Teresa Garrison

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1. Call to Order and Announcements Chair David Driscoll called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. Mr. Driscoll started the meeting by welcoming everyone to Boston. He extended a special welcome to the newest Board members: former Governor James Geringer (Wyoming) and former Governor Ronnie Musgrove (Mississippi). Mr. Driscoll then acknowledged the recent(More)
Document outlines the procedures for setting the cut scores corresponding to the three NAEP achievement levels (Basic, Proficient, and Advanced) and selecting exemplar writing prompts and student responses. Working with WestEd as a subcontractor, Measured Progress will conduct achievement levels-setting (ALS) meetings and produce a set of recommendations(More)
Chair is elected annually by the Governing Board from among its current members. The practice of the Board electing its Vice Chair has been in effect since the Board's inception in 1988 and is incorporated in the Board's By-laws. Because Governing Board terms begin each October 1, the Governing Board elects the Vice Chair annually at the quarterly Board(More)
To investigate the visual-memory ability of children referred for psychological evaluations of academic and/or behavior problems, 135 children were administered the Bender-Gestalt and then asked to reproduce as many designs from memory as they could. Analysis indicated that the number of designs recalled increased with age and Performance IQ but not Full(More)
In Philadelphia, Penn Fruit was one of the earliest grocery stores to adopt the supermarket model and remained an innovator in the grocery business from its founding in 1927 until it declared bankruptcy in 1975. Max Zimmerman, editor of Super Market Merchandising and founder of the Super Market Institute considered it a "recognized leader" in the field,(More)
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