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Localizations were compared for the same human seizure between simultaneously measured MEG and iEEG, which were both co-registered to MRI. The whole-cortex neuromagnetometer localized a dipole in a sphere phantom, co-registered to the MEG sensor array, with an error of 1.4 mm. A focal afterdischarge seizure was induced in a patient with partial epilepsy, by(More)
Cognitive ERPs and EEG spectral differences were compared in three groups of children: nonreferred controls, those with a dominant hyperactivity/impulsivity factor (ADHD-Im), and those with a dominant inattentive factor (ADHD-Ia). The results from the ERP analyses indicated that the P250, P350, and P500 components differed between the groups. The most(More)
This investigation explored developmental changes in passive and effortful components of ERPs associated with a visual attention task in children, adolescents, and adults. The task was a 'go-go' version of a continuous performance task, coupled with a passive attending phase in which the subjects merely watched the stimuli of the task. The three age groups(More)
Mercuric chloride (Hg) in micromolar concentrations inhibited Mg(++)-dependent ATPase activity in rat brain microsomes. Inhibition was higher in oligomycin-sensitive (O.S.) than oligomycin-insensitive (O.I.) Mg(++)-ATPase. Hydrolysis of ATP with 15 and 50 micrograms of microsomal protein for 45 min without and with (2.10(-7M) Hg showed linear rates for(More)
A healthy child developed V. parahaemolyticus endophthalmitis after receiving a perforating corneal injury while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. Peculiar greenish anterior chamber and vitreous exudates were a striking feature of the infection. A history of ocular injury in a salt water environment should alert the clinician to the possibility of infection(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate patient knowledge of over-the-counter (OTC) products containing acetaminophen and to determine patients' accuracy in dosing adult, child, and infant formulations. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Six community pharmacies in Tucson, AZ, between February and May 2011. PARTICIPANTS 88 adults aged 19 to 89 years. INTERVENTION(More)
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