Shannon Nicole Thomas

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INTRODUCTION There is emerging evidence of adverse effects associated with K2 and similar synthetic cannabinoid compounds marketed as herbal alternatives to marijuana. Few studies were identified regarding the psychiatric effects of K2, including suicidal ideation, and to our knowledge none have been written related to self-harm following use of K2. CASE(More)
OBJECTIVE Systematic review of the literature pertaining to quality of life studies in adults suffering from insomnia, by specifically addressing the following questions: 1) What is the impact of insomnia on quality of life? 2) To what extent do comorbid conditions affect quality of life in patients with insomnia? 3) What is the impact of insomnia treatment(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence and severity of urinary incontinence and its impact on activities of daily living in kidney transplant recipients. METHODS The continence status, severity, and impact of urinary incontinence on activities of daily living in female kidney transplant recipients was studied by using Sandvik's Incontinence Severity Index(More)
During a measles outbreak, 660 hospital employees of widely varying ages were screened for immunity to the disease using an automated indirect fluorescent antibody technique. Of these 660 employees, 623 indicated their year of birth; 21 were seronegative and 13 had borderline titers. Of those born before 1957, 7 tested seronegative and 6 were borderline,(More)
AIMS This analysis aims at examining if patient-reported variables such as hope for improvement and patient satisfaction with clinician/treatment could influence the outcome major depressive disorder (MDD) treatment, namely depression remission, in the Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression (STAR*D) trial. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective cohort(More)
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