Shannon N Edd

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Meniscal damage and meniscectomy lead to subsequent osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee joint through multiple and diverse mechanisms, yet the interaction of these mechanisms remains unknown. Therefore, the aim of this review is to suggest the multi-scale, multi-faceted components involved between meniscal injury or meniscectomy and the initiation of OA. There(More)
BACKGROUND Alterations in knee kinematics after partial meniscectomy have been linked to the increased risk of osteoarthritis in this population. Understanding differences in kinematics during static versus dynamic activities of increased demand can provide important information regarding the possible underlying mechanisms of these alterations. HYPOTHESIS(More)
OBJECTIVE To test if sagittal plane gait mechanics parameters and serum inflammation levels differ between healthy asymptomatic subjects and asymptomatic subjects with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) evidence of cartilage loss. DESIGN Gait mechanics and resting serum tumor necrosis factor-α (TNFα) concentrations were measured for two groups of(More)
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