Shannon N. Davis

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A sample of ever-married women from the NLSY79 is analyzed to examine the effects of age at first marriage and gender ideology on the likelihood of experiencing marital disruption. The authors hypothesize that age at first marriage will have no effect on the likelihood of experiencing marital disruption for non-traditional women, but that there will be a(More)
Sociology of gender has developed beyond a personality-centered idea of "sex-roles" to an approach that stresses interaction and social structure. At the same time, there has been a concurrent development in the psychological sex-differences and medical literatures toward including the biological bases of sex-typed behavior and gender identities. In this(More)
This paper examines intermediary processes explaining how religious socialization and involvement early in life are related to the timing of first births for women in the United States. The theory of conjunctural action forms the basis for hypotheses for how religious schema and materials operate to influence birth timing. Using the NLSY79 data and event(More)
This article examines whether the influence of parental attachment on adolescent substance abuse differs by race/ethnicity. We hypothesized that the effect of parental attachment would be stronger for Asian Americans than for other adolescents. Using data from the 2005 Fairfax County Communities That Care survey (N = 7,589), we found no support for our(More)
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