Shannon M. Ulrich

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We have used the platelet analyzer PFA-100TM to assess the effect of aspirin (ASA) in patients with documented peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Thirty-one previously untreated patients were recruited. Laboratory investigations, including the collagen and adenosine diphosphate closure time (CADP-CT) and the collagen and epinephrine closure time (CEPI-CT)(More)
Fagan who provided experimental and technical support for the project as well as helpful discussions. Abstract: In order for methane to be economically produced from the seafloor, prediction and detection of massive hydrate deposits will be necessary. In many cases, hydrate samples recovered from seafloor sediments appear as veins or nodules, suggesting(More)
Gas hydrates may have a significant influence on global carbon cycles due to their large carbon storage capacity in the form of greenhouse gases and their sensitivity to small perturbations in local conditions. Characterizing existing gas hydrate and the formation of new hydrate within sediment systems and their response to small changes in temperature and(More)
A fiber optic-based distributed sensing system (DSS) has been integrated with a large volume (72 l) pressure vessel providing high spatial resolution, time-resolved, 3D measurement of hybrid temperature-strain (TS) values within experimental sediment-gas hydrate systems. Areas of gas hydrate formation (exothermic) and decomposition (endothermic) can be(More)
NEW FINDINGS What is the central question of this study? Cerebral hypoxia impairs cognitive function and exercise performance and may result in brain damage. Residents at high altitude, in particular those with high-altitude pulmonary hypertension, are prone to hypoxaemia due to the exposure to reduced barometric pressure and impaired pulmonary gas(More)
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