Shannon M Theis

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OBJECTIVES To determine the effects of an 8-week progressive lingual resistance exercise program on swallowing in older individuals, the most "at risk" group for dysphagia. DESIGN Prospective cohort intervention study. SETTING Subjects were recruited from the community at large. PARTICIPANTS Ten healthy men and women aged 70 to 89. INTERVENTION Each(More)
SUMMARY Because voice disorders in childhood may have a negative impact on communicative effectiveness, social development, and self-esteem, the objective was to determine the impact of voice disorders on lives of children from the perspective of chronically dysphonic children and their parents. This study consisted of focused interviews with chronically(More)
Vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) is defined by paradoxical vocal fold closure during inhalation, and rarely upon exhalation. The precise etiology of VCD is unknown; however, a variety of potential causes may include laryngeal hyperresponsiveness, laryngeal irritants, psychogenic causes, and rarely neurologic diseases. VCD can occur in athletes, particularly(More)
OBJECTIVE Nonlinear dynamic analysis has emerged as a reliable and objective tool for assessing voice disorders. However, it has only been tested on adult populations. In the present study, nonlinear dynamic analysis was applied to normal and dysphonic pediatric populations with the goal of collecting normative data. Jitter analysis was also applied in(More)
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