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Juvenile Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrhinchus oxyrhinchus) forming aggregations at coastal sites in the mid-Atlantic Bight were subjected to a mixed stock analysis (MSA) and individual-based assignment using twelve microsatellite loci. We confirmed earlier findings from an analysis of mitochondrial DNA that three river spawning populations (Hudson,(More)
Since the 1980s, heavy exploitation has led to severe population declines in winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, a demersal flatfish inhabiting the inshore bays and estuaries of the Northwest Atlantic. Recent studies using a limited number of non-specific microsatellite loci have demonstrated fine-scale population structure. Here, we present 21(More)
Soda manufacturers claim that caffeine is added to soda as a flavor enhancer, but many researchers have speculated that caffeine is added to increase the hedonic and reinforcing properties of the soda. Studies in adults have demonstrated that caffeine can condition flavor preferences when added to novel-flavored beverages. The purpose of this study was to(More)
Models of cochlear implant physiology and perception have historically utilized deterministic descriptions of auditory-nerve (AN) responses to electrical stimulation, which ignore stochastic activity present in the response. Physiological models of AN responses have been developed that do incorporate stochastic activity [8][13][14][27][38][39], but the(More)
The white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, and sand tiger shark, Carcharias taurus, are large-bodied lamniform sharks, which are apex predators throughout the temperate zone worldwide. Both species have very low rate of intrinsic population increase and are of conservation concern due to past or present overexploitation. So far only a few microsatellite loci(More)
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