Shannon H. Gaffney

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In March 2006, a multiagency field campaign was undertaken in Mexico City called the Megacities Initiative: Local and Global Research Observations (MILAGRO). Two of the five field components of the MILAGRO study focused a major part of their efforts on atmospheric particulate emissions from the Mexico City basin and their effects on radia-tive balance as a(More)
In order to determine the wavelength dependence of fine (<1 micron) atmospheric aerosol absorption in the Mexico City area, the absorptionÅngstrom exponents (AAEs) were calculated from hourly averages of aerosol absorption measured at seven wavelengths These results were compared to AAEs determined in the laboratory from 850–280 nm (350 points) on 12-h fine(More)
A substantial part of human movement such as jumping, hopping, leaping and other bounding movements are improved by making a counter-movement. These activities are often described as stretch shortening cycle (SSC) movements. The aim of this study was to determine whether the SSC affects performance in vertical jump in children to the same extent as it does(More)
The concentrations of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) in ambient air can be a good indicator of air quality and the effectiveness of control strategies for reducing ozone levels in urban areas. As PAN is formed by the oxidation of reactive hydrocarbons in the presence of nitrogen dioxide (NO 2), it is a direct measure of the peroxyacyl radical levels produced(More)
In this study we evaluated residential location as a potential determinant for exposure to organochlorine compounds. We investigated the geographic distribution characteristics of organochlorine levels in approximately 1,374 blood samples collected in 1974 from residents of a community with a potential organochlorine source. Street addresses of Washington(More)
Intellectual property rights (IPR) infringement in China reduces market opportunities and undermines the profitability of U.S. firms when sales of products and technologies are undercut by competition from illegal, lower-cost imitations. Intellectual property (IP) is often the most valuable asset that a company holds, but many companies, particularly(More)
Anthropogenic increases in atmospheric greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, and in aerosol particulate matter are impacting the current climate and will continue to influence the future climate. Climate models must understand and represent the extent of these influences on the current climate, as well as the prospective influences of past, current, and(More)
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