Shannon E. Clark

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In this study, we attempted to better delineate the changes in corticospinal excitability that accompany perceptual to motor transformations when people are asked to observe, image or imitate actions. Motor evoked potentials (MEP) from transcranial magnetic stimulation were recorded in the first dorsal interosseous (FDI) muscle of the dominant hand (15(More)
We compared two self-as-a-model interventions: self-modelling (viewing oneself perform an adaptive behaviour) and self-observation (viewing oneself perform at current skill level). Operating within Zimmerman's (1989, 2000) theory of self-regulated learning, we examined the effect of the modelling interventions on three self-regulatory processes(More)
The authors conducted 3 experiments to examine whether introducing high levels of contextual interference is useful in handwriting skill acquisition. For all experiments, elementary school students (Ns = 44, 50, and 78, respectively) were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 practice schedules-blocked or random practice-in the acquisition phase. In the blocked(More)
Objectives: The main aim of the present investigation was to examine how athletes use observational learning (OL) through the development of a valid and reliable questionnaire. A second purpose was to determine how the functions of OL that emerged compared to the functions of imagery that have already been determined [Paivio, A. (1985). Cognitive and(More)
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