Shannon Curry

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– The Radio frequency Interference Survey of Earth (RISE) is a new type of instrument used to survey and characterize the presence of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) that can affect microwave radiometers. It consists of a combined microwave radiometer and kurtosis spectrometer with broad frequency coverage and high temporal and spectral resolution. A(More)
Two drug trials in schizoaffective patients are reported. Nineteen "schizomanic" patients were treated for one month, on a double blind basis, with chlorpromazine or lithium and 41 "schizodepressive" patients with amitriptyline, chlorpromazine or both. In the schizodepressive patients there was a trend to a better response to chlorpromazine, but drug(More)
The concept of monitoring neuroleptic drugs by means of chemical or pharmacological assays is considered from a historical and strategic point of view. The objectives of compliance control, reduction of long-term exposure, titration to a therapeutic range, and solution of medicolegal problems are separately considered. The relative merits of chemically(More)
Worldwide, Salmonella spp. is a significant cause of disease for both humans and wildlife, with wild birds adapted to urban environments having different opportunities for pathogen exposure, infection, and transmission compared to their natural conspecifics. Food provisioning by people may influence these factors, especially when high-density mixed species(More)
Volunteers were given oral promazine doses, and blood and urine were collected for promazine assay for as long as was necessary for the drug to cease to be detectable. Postabsorption data were subjected to two- and three-compartment modeling. Renal clearance was calculated. Renal excretion data were analyzed by use of the sigma-minus method, which permits(More)
Previous authors have presented in this journal an equation defining the fractional shift in volume (fs) as a general equation implying applicability to a wide variety of circumstances. The equation concerned actually applies only when the starting volumes before dialysis are equal. A better general definition is given by fs = (volume shift)/(starting(More)