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Wall remodeling associated with rapid luminal enlargement of collateral mesenteric arteries in rats was investigated 1 and 4 weeks after creation of a collateral pathway by ligating three to four sequential arteries. Paired observations were made of inner diameters of collateral and normal arteries in the same animals. Arterial blood flow was measured at(More)
As part of a synthesis of evidence regarding the abuse and addiction liability of dextromethorphan (DM), an over-the-counter cough medicine available in over 140 preparations, an uncommonly published case of dextromethorphan dependence (addiction) is described, with specific, rarely published complications. The individual was interviewed and several medical(More)
Although documentation that war inflicts psychological casualties dates back to the American Civil War and earlier, most research began after the Vietnam conflict, when studies focused on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been significant research to illuminate the epidemiology of war-related(More)
OBJECTIVES Combat exposure is known to increase the risk for mental disorders; however, less is known about the temporal relationship between mental disorders and alcohol misuse or smoking. To better understand these interrelationships, this study investigated mental disorders in association with hazardous drinking and cigarette smoking. METHODS Using(More)
This report presents a mathematical model which has been developed to describe the intraocular disposition of pilocarpine following topical dosing in rabbits. The model uses experimentally determined parameters such as rates of tissue uptake of drug and equilibrium distribution coefficients. Differential mass balance equations for pilocarpine in the cornea,(More)
Hippocampal mineralocorticoid receptor mRNA expression was increased in male hamsters exposed to 18 days of short photoperiod relative to animals maintained under long day illumination (p < 0.05). Short day hamsters were also characterized by increased weight gain, and heavier adrenal glands (p < 0.05). The larger adrenals showed selective increases in the(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated endothelial and smooth muscle hyperplasia occur during arterial luminal expansion associated with elevation of arterial wall shear rates. The current study investigated whether remodeling induced by elevated wall shear would ultimately result in a vessel with intimal and medial cell densities and other wall characteristics(More)