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We investigated whether the val(158)met functional polymorphism of catechol-o-methyltransferase influenced age-related changes in grey matter density and volume, both in healthy individuals (n=80, ages 18-79) and those with Parkinson's disease (n=50). Global grey matter volumes and voxelwise estimates of grey matter volume and density were determined from(More)
This paper determines the exact relationships that hold among the major Paley–Wiener perturbation theorems for frame sequences. It is shown that major properties of a frame sequence such as excess, deficit, and rank remain invariant under Paley–Wiener perturbations , but need not be preserved by compact perturbations. For localized frames, which are frames(More)
Subcutaneous apomorphine, administered by continuous waking-day infusion with boluses, or by repeated intermittent injection, was given to 71 parkinsonian patients with severe refractory levodopa related on-off fluctuations for 1-5 years. A mean reduction in daily off period time of approximately 50% was maintained, and the incidence of neuropsychiatric(More)
Seven patients with Parkinson's disease and levodopa-induced motor fluctuations were studied with repeated injections of apomorphine over a 10-h period to explore possible changes in the latency, duration, and quality of motor response with recurrent dopaminergic stimulation. Doses were given when the motor effects induced by the previous dose had just worn(More)
Cardiovascular reflexes were evaluated in 18 patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease who had a Hoehn & Yahr score of III-IV. The effect of apomorphine and domperidone on blood pressure, heart rate, R-R interval variation, and the Valsalva ratio were studied. Autonomic dysfunction was not found in the patients and there were no differences between(More)
This paper uses frame techniques to characterize the Schatten class properties of integral operators. The main result shows that if the coefficients {k, Φ m,n } of certain frame expansions of the kernel k of an integral operator are in ℓ 2,p , then the operator is Schatten p-class. As a corollary, we conclude that if the kernel or Kohn-Nirenberg symbol of a(More)
Content: Processing and analysis of 2002 samples will be completed and the results will be summarized in a multi-page progress report that will be submitted to the MnDNR. Results from all data collected will be analyzed and interpreted. 1 Biological Control of Eurasian watermilfoil May '03 Newman Introduction Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum L.)(More)
This paper surveys recent results on frame sequences. The first group of results characterizes the relationships that hold among various types of dual frame sequences. The second group of results characterizes the relationships that hold among the major Paley–Wiener perturbation theorems for frame sequences, and some of the properties that remain invariant(More)
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