Shannon Arroyo

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Fungal endophthalmitis is a rare but serious infection. In March 2012, several cases of probable and laboratory-confirmed fungal endophthalmitis occurring after invasive ocular procedures were reported nationwide. We identified 47 cases in 9 states: 21 patients had been exposed to the intraocular dye Brilliant Blue G (BBG) during retinal surgery, and the(More)
In recent years the treatment of epilepsies has significantly evolved. The launching of six new antiepileptic drugs--vigabatrin, lamotrigine, felbamate, gabapentin, topiramate and tiagabin--has considerably increased the available therapeutic options. On the other hand, the use of no pharmacologic treatments such as surgery of epilepsy, the implantation of(More)
The association between migraine and stroke is well known. It is assumed that 15% of strokes in patients below 45 years are due to migraine. To evaluate the features of this association, we have reviewed seven cases of patients with migraine and established neurological deficits. All patients fulfilled the following criteria: 1) past history of migraine,(More)
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