Shanna M. Newton

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Bacterial flagella are potent immunogens and aromatic-dependent (aro) Salmonella as live vaccines evoke humoral and cellular immune responses. Such strains expressing epitopes of protective antigens as inserts in flagellin would provide a novel way to vaccinate against diseases caused by unrelated pathogens. A synthetic oligonucleotide specifying an epitope(More)
The periplasmic protein FepB of Escherichia coli is a component of the ferric enterobactin transport system. We overexpressed and purified the binding protein 23-fold from periplasmic extracts by ammonium sulfate precipitation and chromatographic methods, with a yield of 20%, to a final specific activity of 15,500 pmol of ferric enterobactin bound/mg.(More)
Ligand-gated membrane channels selectively facilitate the entry of iron into prokaryotic cells. The essential role of iron in metabolism makes its acquisition a determinant of bacterial pathogenesis and a target for therapeutic strategies. In Gram-negative bacteria, TonB-dependent outer membrane proteins form energized, gated pores that bind iron chelates(More)
Many organisms have been reported to choose their mates in order to increase the heterozygosity of their offspring by avoiding mating with relatives or homozygous individuals. Most previous studies using Drosophila melanogaster have used artificial chromosomes or extreme inbreeding treatments, situations unlikely to be matched in nature. Additionally, few(More)
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