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Biomaterials-based three-dimensional scaffolds are being extensively investigated in bone tissue engineering. A potential scaffold should be osteoconductive, osteoinductive, and osteogenic for enhanced bone formation. In this study, a three-dimensional porous polycapro-lactone (PCL) scaffold was engineered for prolonged release of resveratrol.(More)
This study was mainly focused on plasmid profiling and plasmid characterisation of Lactobacillus acidophilus isolated from molasses. The secondary objective was to observe the efficacy of the plasmid curing agents acriflavine, ethidium bromide, novobiocin and SDS on L. acidophilus. Plasmid-free strains and cured derivatives harbouring only a single plasmid(More)
This paper proposes an observer-assisted (indirect) adaptive trajectory tracking control scheme for an under-actuated autonomous underwater robotic vehicle. The proposed control algorithm was based on feedback linearization control, using the estimated vehicle (hydrodynamic) parameters and external disturbance parameters (e.g., underwater current, buoyancy(More)
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