Shanmuganathan Vasanthapriyan

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Software development is a knowledge intensive and collaborative activity. The success of the project totally depends on knowledge and experience of the developers. Increasing knowledge creation and sharing among software engineers are uphill tasks in software development environments. The field of knowledge management has emerged into this field to improve(More)
The recent impressive technological advancement in information technology (IT) and as well as in Communication have resulted the drastically improved developments in present systems. Most routine tasks have been automated with the support of advanced technologies. Multi-agent systems (MAS) play a major role in automating the tasks in wide range. In this(More)
This paper is mainly concerned with the static interconnection network, its topological properties and metrics, particularly for exiting topologies and proposed one. The interconnection network topology is a key factor in determining the characteristics of parallel computers; suitable topology provides efficiency increment while performing tasks. In the(More)
Simulation of human flow in virtual reality system plays an important part in the research of microscopic human flow behaviour in disaster situations. But developing such simulation is a difficult work because of its inherent complexity. In this paper, we proposed a multi-agent simulation to analyze human flow characteristics in disaster affected area and(More)
Software testing is a sub area of software engineering which is also a knowledge intensive and collaborative activity. Our previous study results revealed that knowledge in the repositories were outdated, internal documents are unstructured and varied formats, less accessing facilities and lack of targeted delivery methods, such that software testers from(More)
In today's world people do not afford to waste their valuable time with waiting in queues in supermarkets due to their busy lives. Therefore “Intelligent Retail Checkout Management System” will assist in reducing the waiting time of the customers at checkouts at hypermarkets and improve the customer satisfaction. Our objective is to reduce the(More)
Business processes manifest the business knowledge and related logics. As it becomes more common for organizations to describe their operations in terms of business processes, it is necessary to establish a Business Process Repository to manage thousands of process models while providing capabilities for effective sharing and reusing of valuable business(More)
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