Shanmugam Puvanendran

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Two Algal Turf Scrubber (ATS) units were deployed on the Great Wicomico River (GWR) for 22 months to examine the role of substrate in increasing algal productivity and nutrient removal. The yearly mean productivity of flat ATS screens was 15.4 g · m(-2)  · d(-1) . This was elevated to 39.6 g · m(-2)  · d(-1) with a three-dimensional (3-D) screen, and to(More)
Antifungal activity-guided fractionation of the n-butanol extract from the methanol extract of the stem bark of Artocarpus nobilis furnished two stilbene derivatives (E)-4-isopentenyl-3,5,2',4'-tetrahydroxystilbene and (E)-4-(3-methyl-E-but-1-enyl)-3,5,2',4'-tetrahydroxystilbene. Both compounds showed strong antifungal activity against Cladosporium(More)
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