Shanmuga Priya

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It is very important to analyze the influence of solar radiation for most of the application in solar energy research. Despite the great importance of Global Solar Radiation (GSR), the number of radiation stations are very less when compared to the stations that collect regular meteorological data like air temperature and humidity. The main objective of(More)
OBJECTIVE There are conflicting reports in the past literature documenting the tendency of anemia in patients with periodontitis. Hence, this study was undertaken to assess whether periodontitis may cause an anemic state, by evaluating and comparing the red blood cell count, levels of hemoglobin, hematocrit, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), serum iron(More)
Anti-ulcer activity of the Solanum nigrum L. extracts was studied in rats by using pylorus ligated ulcer model. Rantidine was used as the standard drug for comparison. The animals were sacrificed after 19 hrs after the ligation. Stomach was dissected out and contents were drained into tubes and were centrifuged at 1000 rpm for 10min and volume was noted.(More)
With the modern use of services of the cloud computing, the users need higher security. Therefore safety of the cloud computing is a first consideration of the users to select. In the establishment of the cloud computing, application proportion of the virtualization increases gradually, scope and the depth of safety also expanded gradually. The associated(More)
INTRODUCTION Uterine scar dehiscence can complicate caesarean section with complications like post partum hemorrhage, endomyometritis, localized/generalized peritonitis, and sepsis. PRESENTATION OF CASE Our patient had abdominal wound infection after LSCS surgery and features of sepsis. The wound infection was actually the presentation of a uterine scar(More)
Classification refers to assigning a physical object into one of the predefined categories. In texture classification, the goal is to assign an unknown sample image to one of a set of known classes. Texture classification is one of the challenging problems in image processing and computer vision. A major problem in textures in real world is often not(More)
LTE-A (Long Term Evolution-Advanced) is the fourth generation technology to increase the speed of wireless data network. The LTE-A Physical layer provides both data and control information between an enhanced base station and mobile user equipment which is quite complex and consists of a mixture of technologies. Since there is requirement for more resources(More)
The C-type lectin DC-SIGN (CD209) plays a major role in receptor on human dendritic cells, it binds to several glycoproteins of viruses that facilitate disease progression. In dengue fever, the disease targets of arbovirus infection, show dendritic and reticuloendothelial cells that may affect immune system. The phytochemical extracts of Bosenbergia rotunda(More)