Shanmuga Priya

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This study was aimed to evaluate the preventive effect of rutin on lysosomal enzymes in isoproterenol induced cardio toxic rats. Male albino Wistar rats were pretreated with rutin (80 mg/kg) daily for a period of 42 days. After the pretreatment period, isoproterenol (100 mg/kg) was subcutaneously injected to rats at an interval of 24 h for two days. The(More)
Small cell carcinoma of the cervix is a rare and a very aggressive tumour. Once being considered to be a rare type of squamous cell carcinoma, evidence has proven that most of the tumours express one or more markers of neuroendocrine differentiation. The behaviour of this rare malignancy is different from that of squamous cell carcinomas, with a high(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was done to find out the knowledge and attitudes of pharmacists regarding oral health care and oral hygiene products in Chennai city. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional survey among a sample of the pharmacists in Chennai city was done and data regarding their knowledge and attitudes towards oral health care and oral hygiene(More)
Anti-ulcer activity of the Solanum nigrum L. extracts was studied in rats by using pylorus ligated ulcer model. Rantidine was used as the standard drug for comparison. The animals were sacrificed after 19 hrs after the ligation. Stomach was dissected out and contents were drained into tubes and were centrifuged at 1000 rpm for 10min and volume was noted.(More)
INTRODUCTION Pro12Ala polymorphism is a missense mutation at codon 12 in peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ gene (PPARG). This polymorphism is known to be associated with increased insulin sensitivity. Pioglitazone, a thiazolidinedione, is an anti-diabetic drug which acts as an agonist at PPAR γ receptor. AIM To determine the association between(More)
The C-type lectin DC-SIGN (CD209) plays a major role in receptor on human dendritic cells, it binds to several glycoproteins of viruses that facilitate disease progression. In dengue fever, the disease targets of arbovirus infection, show dendritic and reticuloendothelial cells that may affect immune system. The phytochemical extracts of Bosenbergia rotunda(More)
INTRODUCTION Uterine scar dehiscence can complicate caesarean section with complications like post partum hemorrhage, endomyometritis, localized/generalized peritonitis, and sepsis. PRESENTATION OF CASE Our patient had abdominal wound infection after LSCS surgery and features of sepsis. The wound infection was actually the presentation of a uterine scar(More)
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