Shanlin Sun

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Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a strong candidate for the next generation wireless communication. But the frequency offset between the local oscillators at the transmitter and receiver causes a single frequency offset in the signal, while a time-varying channel can cause a spread of frequency offsets known as the Doppler spread.(More)
In order to solve the shortage of wireless resources in next-generation mobile communications, a wavelet packet multicarrier system is built based on multiple input multiple output(MIMO) antennae, which integrates the advantages of multiple antennae channel capacity and the superiority of the translation orthogonality of the wavelet packet basis function.(More)
Aiming at the fault signal detection in mechanism system, all phase fast Fourier transform (APFFT) method is proposed for fault detection. The method of APFFT has the outstanding characteristics: the very few power leaks, the zero phase error and the fewer side lobes. So it can resist noise and increase the validity of diagnosis results. Finally, the case(More)
Discrete wavelet transform (WT) followed by principal component analysis (PCA) has been a powerful approach for the analysis of biomedical signals. Wavelet coefficients at various scales and channels were usually transformed into a one-dimensional array, causing issues such as the curse of dimensionality dilemma and small sample size problem. In addition,(More)
In this paper, the robust quadrotor attitude regulation based on fault tolerant control schema is investigated. The hover stability is heavily dependent on the thrust forces generated by the four rotors of the quadrotor. Once the rotors are in fault and loss the efficiency, the quadrotor will be unstable, even out of control. To the end, this paper presents(More)
We consider the problem of resilient control of networked control system (NCS) under denial-of-service (DoS) attack via a unified game approach. The DoS attacks lead to extra constraints in the NCS, where the packets may be jammed by a malicious adversary. Considering the attack-induced packet dropout, optimal control strategies with multitasking and(More)
Simulation system is taken more and more seriously by armies of all countries in the world due to the feature that soldiers can, through it, obtain stronger combat skills under the conditions of minor dangers and low consumption. Through trainings in simulation labs, soldiers can understand the concept and flow of modern wars without conducting any actual(More)
In this paper, we investigate the capacity of multi-carrier modulation (MCM) system based on multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antennae for single user communications over the additive noise channel. We define a two variable energy spectrum function for each antenna which describes energy distribution in timefrequency-space (T-F-S) subchannels. The(More)
Many traffic accidents occurred at intersections are caused by drivers who miss or ignore the traffic signals. In this paper, we present a method dealing with automatic detection of traffic lights that integrates both image processing and support vector machine techniques. Firstly, based on the color characteristics of traffic lights, the paper proposes a(More)
Divers have always played a strategic role throughout history. They are competent to perform numerous tasks which are inaccessible to others. However, they can also prove to be a formidable foe, especially in shallow port, waterway locations. This is evident from numerous criminal incidents in past wherein divers played a significant role. In order to(More)