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The authors proposed a simple model for the lattice thermal conductivity of graphene in the framework of Klemens approximation. The Gruneisen parameters were introduced separately for the longitudinal and transverse phonon branches through averaging over phonon modes obtained from the first principles. The calculations show that Umklapp-limited thermal(More)
In Parkinson's disease, there exists a prodromal or a premotor phase characterized by symptoms like olfactory loss and sleep disorders, which may last for years or even decades before the onset of motor clinical symptoms. Diagnostic tools based on machine learning using these features can be very useful as they have the potential in early diagnosis of the(More)
Numerical simulations of laser energy deposition in air are conducted. Local thermodynamic equilibrium conditions are assumed to apply. Variation of the thermodynamic and transport properties with temperature and pressure are accounted for. The flow field is classified into three phases: shock formation; shock propagation; and subsequent collapse of the(More)
The authors reported on investigation of the thermal conductivity of graphene suspended across trenches in Si/ SiO 2 wafer. The measurements were performed using a noncontact technique based on micro-Raman spectroscopy. The amount of power dissipated in graphene and corresponding temperature rise were determined from the spectral position and integrated(More)
Most materials freeze when cooled to sufficiently low temperature. We find that magnetic dipoles randomly distributed in a solid matrix condense into a spin liquid with spectral properties on cooling that are the diametric opposite of those for conventional glasses. Measurements of the nonlinear magnetic dynamics in the low-temperature liquid reveal the(More)
We report that the flow of a liquid on single-walled carbon nanotube bundles induces a voltage in the sample along the direction of the flow. The voltage that was produced fit a logarithmic velocity dependence over nearly six decades of velocity. The magnitude of the voltage depended sensitively on the ionic conductivity and on the polar nature of the(More)
Leishmania donovani, an intracellular protozoan parasite, challenges host defense mechanisms by impairing the signal transduction of macrophages. In this study we investigated whether interleukin-10 (IL-10)-mediated alteration of signaling events in a murine model of visceral leishmaniasis is associated with macrophage deactivation. Primary in vitro(More)
Most physical and biological systems are disordered, even though the majority of theoretical models treat disorder as a weak perturbation. One particularly simple system is a ferromagnet approaching its Curie temperature, T(C), where all of the spins associated with partially filled atomic shells acquire parallel orientation. With the addition of disorder(More)