Shanique Cartwright

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A case-control study has been carried out to examine the occurrence of childhood cancer in relation to the proximity of overhead power lines to a child's home address at birth and to the calculated magnetic field at the address. The study included 374 cases diagnosed in the Yorkshire Health Region between 1970 and 1979, together with 588 matched controls.(More)
BACKGROUND Under stressful conditions such as in an emergency situation, efficient information processing is essential for reasonable responses. PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Virtual Reality (VR) technology is used to induce stress and to test three main cognitive functions for decision making in stressful situations. METHODS A VR task was developed to induce(More)
In the staging of cancer, equivocal test results may occur in subjectively evaluated imaging procedures whose interpretations raise the possibility of metastases but are too uncertain to rule in or rule out metastatic spread, and in tests whose repetitions in the same patient yield conflicting results about dissemination. We assessed the frequency and(More)
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