Shanhung Wong

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The random set based multi-Bernoulli filter is applied to a challenging low signal to noise track before detect scenario. Specifically we use the variant of the multi-Bernoulli filter that processes raw image observations. We add an additional layer of track management logic to output trajectories rather than point estimates. The tracker also exploits(More)
Track-before-detect (TBD) refers to an alternative approach to tracking which utilizes the full sensor information rather than detections obtained from thresholding. In this letter we investigate whether forward-backward smoothing for TBD can increase performance. We propose a novel algorithm based on the random finite set framework which incorporates the(More)
Bearings-only tracking is a challenging estimation problem due to the variable observability of the underlying targets. In the presence of false alarms and missed detections, the difficulty of the estimation problem is further compounded by the presence of ghost targets. This paper presents a solution to the bearings only tracking problem based on the(More)
The "cocktail party problem" has always been a challenging problem to solve and many blind source separation algorithms have been proposed as solutions. This problem has mainly been discussed for non-moving sound sources but it still remains for moving sound sources and high acoustic reverberations. The ability to localise and track multiple moving speakers(More)
In Source Separation research, "cocktail party problem" is a challenging problem that research into source separation aims to solve. Many attempts have been made to solve this complex problem. A logical approach would be to break down this complex problem into several smaller problems which are solved in different stages - each considering various aspects.(More)
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