Shanhu Jiang

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s u m m a r y This study first focuses on comprehensive evaluating three widely used satellite precipitation products (TMPA 3B42V6, TMPA 3B42RT, and CMORPH) with a dense rain gauge network in the Mishui basin (9972 km 2) in South China and then optimally merge their simulated hydrologic flows with the semi-distributed Xinanjiang model using the Bayesian(More)
The real-time availability of several satellite-based precipitation products has recently provided hydrologists with an unprecedented opportunity to improve current hydrologic prediction capability for vast river basins, particularly for ungauged regions. However, the accuracy of real-time satellite precipitation data remains uncertain. This study aims to(More)
We report two approaches to integrate high quality III-V templates by epitaxial growth with low defectivity on Si wafers. The first approach is based on blanket, InGaAs-based Strain Relaxed Buffers grown by MOVPE on 200mm Si, and the second on the selective area MOVPE of InP in Shallow Trench Isolation structures patterned on 300mm Si. Both structures are(More)
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