Shanhong Xia

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In second language learning, unawareness of the differences between correct and incorrect pronunciations is one of the largest obstacles for mispronunciation correction. In order to make the feedback more discriminatively perceptible, this paper presents a novel method for corrective feedback generation, namely, exaggerated feedback, for language learning.(More)
A field effect transistor (FET)-based immunosensor was developed for diabetes monitoring by detecting the concentrations of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and hemoglobin (Hb). This immunosensor consists of a FET-based sensor chip and a disposable extended-gate electrode chip. The sensor chip was fabricated by standard CMOS process and was integrated with(More)
It has been recognized that ultrathin gold films deposited on unmodified glass substrates are unstable, but there is a lack of systematic studies of their morphology evolution at room temperature. This paper shows that ultrathin gold films sputtered on bare glass substrates could spontaneously transform into nanoporous, nanowire and nanoparticle structures,(More)
A novel algorithm for subtracting the artifacts from an electrocardiogram (ECG) signal and detecting the QRS complex based on empirical mode decomposition has been designed, tested, and evaluated. This method can remove both the noise of the power line interference and baseline wander from the ECG signal with minimum distortion, and R peaks can be exactly(More)
This paper presents a design and a contrast test of an ultra-low power wireless health monitoring system capable of measuring a subject's ECG (Electrocardiography), respiration, and body temperature. The system is based on the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology which is most valued for its ultra-low power consumption. Compared to our former design using(More)
We report a novel micro-potentiometric hemoglobin (Hb) immunosensor based on electrochemically synthesized polypyrrole (PPy)-gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) composite. PPy-AuNPs film with AuNPs uniformly distributed in it was deposited on gold electrode surface by a simple and direct procedure, without the addition of any nanoparticles or reducing agent. And(More)
Prosody and prosodic boundaries carry significant information regarding linguistics and paralinguistics and are important aspects of speech. In the field of prosodic event detection, many local acoustic features have been investigated; however, contextual information has not yet been thoroughly exploited. The most difficult aspect of this lies in learning(More)