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Pore structure and its fractal dimensions of transitional shale: A cross-section from east margin of the Ordos Basin, China
Abstract Shales deposited in marine – continental transitional environments are well developed in the Upper Paleozoic in China with abundant gas resources. The pore structure and its controllingExpand
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Multi-branched horizontal wells for coalbed methane production: Field performance and well structure analysis
Abstract Horizontal wells, such as multi-lateral and multi-branched horizontal wells (MBHWs) have been effectively used in the development of coalbed methane (CBM) fields, especially for coal bedsExpand
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In-situ stress state in the Linxing region, eastern Ordos Basin, China: Implications for unconventional gas exploration and production
Abstract The Carboniferous and Permian sedimentary rocks (mainly the Shanxi and Taiyuan formations) in the Linxing region, eastern Ordos Basin, China, host a significant volume of unconventional gasExpand
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Experimental investigation on fracture initiation and non-planar propagation of hydraulic fractures in coal seams
Abstract True tri-axial test system was deployed for fracturing simulation of coal outcrops to investigate the initiation and propagation of hydraulic fractures in vertical and directional wells. TheExpand
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Reservoir characteristics and productivity analysis of tight sand gas in Upper Paleozoic Ordos Basin China
Abstract Abundant tight sands rich in natural gas, as a kind of unconventional energy source, have been discovered in the Ordos Basin, Central-North China, which can contribute greatly to theExpand
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Characteristics of coalbed methane isothermal adsorption and its controlling on productivity
Logarithm equation(Q=alnP+b) is, for the first time, used to express characteristics of coal isothermal adsorption based on large experiment data, which contains two parameters, a and b.
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In-situ stress distribution and coalbed methane reservoir permeability in the Linxing area, eastern Ordos Basin, China
Understanding the distribution of in-situ stresses is extremely important in a wide range of fields such as oil and gas exploration and development, CO2 sequestration, borehole stability, andExpand
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Unconventional Natural Gas Accumulations in Stacked Deposits: A Discussion of Upper Paleozoic Coal‐Bearing Strata in the East Margin of the Ordos Basin, China
The Upper Paleozoic (Carboniferous to Permian) succession in the east margin of the Ordos Basin in the North China Craton has a potential to contain significant hydrocarbon resources, thoughExpand
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The effects of solvent extraction on nanoporosity of marine-continental coal and mudstone.
Coal and organic-rich mudstone develop massive nanopores, which control the storage of adsorbed and free gas, as well as fluid flows. Generation and retention of bitumen and hydrocarbons of oilExpand
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Diagenetic sequences of continuously deposited tight sandstones in various environments: A case study from upper Paleozoic sandstones in the Linxing area, eastern Ordos basin, China
An integrated analysis of the petrographic characteristics and types and distribution of diagenetic alteration in the upper Paleozoic Benxi–Taiyuan, Shanxi, and Xiashihezi Formations providesExpand
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