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Reversible watermarking technique enables to extract embedded information without any loss of the host signal. For the reduction of the embedding distortion, a desirable reversible watermarking approach should exploit efficient prediction way to generate prediction errors with a smaller magnitude for expansion embedding. In this paper, we present a(More)
The etiology and pathophysiology of depression remain unknown. Previous works were mostly performed on single observation time-point which might be insufficiently to reveal the molecular events changed during the disease development. Adult BALB/c mice were exposed to unpredictable chronic mild stress (UCMS) for different periods and differential 2D gel(More)
A new member of the contryphans family was isolated from the venom of Conus betilinus, a vermivorous species distributed in the South China Sea. Its sequence, ZSGCO(D-W)KPWC-NH2 (Z, pyroglutamic acid), was established by a combination of de novo MS/MS sequencing and venom-duct transcriptome sequencing. The occurrence of D-Trp6 was confirmed by chemical(More)
μ-Conotoxin GIIIA, a peptide toxin isolated from Conus geographus, preferentially blocks the skeletal muscle sodium channel NaV1.4. GIIIA folds compactly to a pyramidal structure stabilized by three disulfide bonds. To assess the contributions of individual disulfide bonds of GIIIA to the blockade of NaV1.4, seven disulfide-deficient analogues were prepared(More)
  • Shangyi Liu
  • 2017 Sixth International Conference on Future…
  • 2017
In the information age of today, with the rapid development and wide application of communication technology and network technology, more and more information has been transmitted through the network and information security and protection is becoming more and more important, the cryptography theory and technology have become an important research field in(More)
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