Shangjin Xu

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It is hard to add visualization and interaction to existing applications. The data may be in the database, but users cannot see it in a convenient way. Often different departments need to see the data in their own way. You may of course ask the supplier of the system to develop such extensions, but this is expensive and time consuming. The ideal would be(More)
Avoidance and discovery of security vulnerabilities in information systems and managing enterprises requires awareness of typical risks and a good understanding of vulnerabilities and threats and their exploitations. Various methods for characterizing, identifying and managing threats have been presented. Bruce Schneier has invented the Attack Trees,(More)
Popular tools for constructing user interfaces use the drag-drop-setproperty principle. The developer drops visual components (boxes, labels, etc.) on the screen and defines their properties, e.g. position, color and text. However, data presentation and user interaction are very limited. To exceed this limit, programming is needed. Many end-user developers(More)
Many visualization tools allow the implementation of custom (non-standard) visualizations, but they differ in approach. The approaches vary from imperative to declarative programming. Moreover, some tools provide environments that assist designers in implementing visualizations. Which approach supports designers best in implementing custom visualizations?(More)
Popular tools for constructing user screens use the drag-drop-set-property principle. The developer drops components (buttons, text boxes, etc.) on the screen and defines their properties, e.g. position, color and text. Then the screen looks right, but it has little functionality. If you want real functionality or a custommade visualization, you have to(More)
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