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Symmetry properties of Cayley graphs of small valencies on the alternating group A5
The normality of symmetry property of Cayley graphs of valencies 3 and 4 on the alternating group A5 is studied. We prove that all but four such graphs are normal; that A5 is not 5-CI. A completeExpand
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uVis Studio: an integrated development environment for visualization
A toolkit facilitates the visualization development process. The process can be further enhanced by integrating the toolkits in development environments. This paper describes how the uVis toolkit, aExpand
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Usability Analysis of Custom Visualization Tools
Many visualization tools allow the implementation of custom (non-standard) visualizations, but they differ in approach. The approaches vary from imperative to declarative programming. Moreover, someExpand
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On tetravalent symmetric dihedrants
Let be a tetravalent X-arc-transitive Cayley graph of dihedral group for X Aut. Let Xv be the stabilizer of X on vV. has been determined when it is 2-arc-transitive or one-regular. This paper studiesExpand
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Connected cubic s-arc-regular Cayley graphs of finite nonabelian simple groups
A graph is said to be s-arc-regular if its full automorphism group acts regularly on the set of its s-arcs. In this paper, we investigate connected cubic s-arc-regular Cayley graphs of finiteExpand
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A drag-drop-formula tool for custom visualization
Popular tools for constructing user screens use the drag-drop-set-property principle. The developer drops components (buttons, text boxes, etc.) on the screen and defines their properties, e.g.Expand
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TDDC 03 Projects , Spring 2006 A Comparison of Attack Trees Threat Modeling and OCTAVE
Avoidance and discovery of security vulnerabilities in information systems and managing enterprises requires awareness of typical risks and a good understanding of vulnerabilities and threats andExpand
Bronchoscope biopsies and the later lab results Overview of the patient ’ s medical notes , diagnoses and medication “ Lifeline
Popular tools for constructing user interfaces use the drag-drop-setproperty principle. The developer drops visual components (boxes, labels, etc.) on the screen and defines their properties, e.g.Expand
Extending Applications with Visualization
It is hard to add visualization and interaction to existing applications. The data may be in the database, but users cannot see it in a convenient way. Often different departments need to see theExpand
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Primitive Permutation Groups with a Solvable Subconstituent of Degree 7
In this paper all primitive permutation groups which have a solvable subconstituent of degree 7 are determined.