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—We demonstrate a four-user 10-Gb/s spectrally phase-coded optical code-division multiple-access system via nonlinear processing with ultralow power (30 fJ/bit). Full interference suppression is achieved in a time-slotted scheme without the need for chip-level coordination and synchronous detection. Performance degradation caused by pulse overlap between(More)
Although SIRT7 is a member of sirtuin family proteins that are described as NAD(+)-dependent class III histone deacetylases, the intrinsic enzymatic activity of this sirtuin protein remains to be investigated and the cellular function of SIRT7 remains to be explored. Here we report that SIRT7 is an NAD(+)-dependent histone desuccinylase. We show that SIRT7(More)
In order to improve the communication efficiency of ForCES transport mapping layer (ForCES TML), the paper proposes an evaluation model based on communication model of TML. In the model ,it tries to separate the communication process into two different stages: connection-setup and data-transmission stage. In both of them, we analysis the performance factors(More)
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