Shang-bin Yu

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AIM To investigate the effects of piperlongumine (PL), an anticancer alkaloid from long pepper plants, on the primary myeloid leukemia cells from patients and the mechanisms of action. METHODS Human BM samples were obtained from 9 patients with acute or chronic myeloid leukemias and 2 patients with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Bone marrow mononuclear(More)
To investigate the role of histamine in airway remodeling, 50 healthy guinea pigs were divided into 5 groups: control group: nebulized inhalation of distilled water for 8 weeks; asthma model group: nebulized inhalation of ovalbumin (OVA) for 8 weeks after sensitization; continued asthma model group: nebulized inhalation of OVA for 14 weeks after(More)
This paper was aimed to investigate the effects of ATP-sensitive potassium channels on the proliferation and differentiation of rat preadipocytes. We examined the expression of sulphonylurea receptor 2 (SUR2) mRNA in preadipocytes and adipocytes obtained by inducing for 5 d and the effects of the inhibitor (glibenclamide) and opener (diazoxide) of(More)
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