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Verifying Curve25519 Software
This paper presents results on formal verification of high-speed cryptographic software. We consider speed-record-setting hand-optimized assembly software for Curve25519 elliptic-curve key exchangeExpand
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SHA-3 on ARM11 Processors
This paper presents high-speed assembly implementations of the 256-bit-output versions of all five SHA-3 finalists and of SHA-256 for the ARM11 family of processors. We report new speed records forExpand
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Gate-all-around junctionless silicon transistors with atomically thin nanosheet channel (0.65 nm) and record sub-threshold slope (43 mV/dec)
A silicon junctionless (JL) trench gate-all-around (GAA) nanowire field-effect transistor with an atomically thin channel thickness of 0.65 nm and a very thin oxide with a thickness of 12.3 nm areExpand
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Gauss Sieve Algorithm on GPUs
Lattice-based cryptanalysis is an important field in cryptography since lattice problems are among the most robust assumptions, and have been used to construct most cryptographic primitives. In thisExpand
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Investigation of inversion, accumulation and junctionless mode bulk Germanium FinFETs
Abstract The characteristic performance of n-type and p-type inversion (IM) mode, accumulation (AC) mode and junctionless (JL) mode, bulk Germanium FinFET device with 3-nm gate length (LG) areExpand
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Cross-entropy-based joint carrier frequency offset estimation and multiuser detection for multicarrier code division multiple access systems
SUMMARY This paper presents a joint carrier frequency offset estimation and multiuser detection based on a maximum likelihood approach in multicarrier code division multiple access systems. WithExpand
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Ge-cap Quantum Well Bulk FinFET for 5nm node CMOS Integration
Electromagnetic imaging of buried perfectly conducting cylinders targets using APSO
We present a computational approach to the imaging of a two-dimensional (2-D) embedded perfectly conducting cylinder by the asynchronous particle swarm optimization (APSO). An embedded conductingExpand