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The authors develop a class of codes for quantised generalised Gaussian (GG) sources. This new class of codes, that are called hybrid Golomb (HG) codes, are hybrids of Golomb –Rice (GR) codes and exp-Golomb (EG) codes. They integrate the properties of both GR and EG codes, which makes their performance more robust under variable source parameters. The(More)
Strong directional selection occurred during the domestication of maize from its wild ancestor teosinte, reducing its genetic diversity, particularly at genes controlling domestication-related traits. Nevertheless, variability for some domestication-related traits is maintained in maize. The genetic basis of this could be sequence variation at the same key(More)
Variable length code (VLC) is used in a large variety of lossless compression applications. Golomb-Rice code (GR code) is one type of VLC that is often encountered in the coding of video and image data. In this work we develop an efficient decoder for GR codes. Unlike the conventional variable length decoders, this new type of decoder needs neither codeword(More)
In this paper we present a decoder architecture for variable-length codes capable of decoding alternated coded Golomb-Rice (GR) Codes in parallel. An architecture developed specifically for GR-codes and a coding method, we call alternating coding, simplify the decoder structure and enable parallel decoding. The proposed decoder detects the codeword lengths(More)
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