Shang-Shu Shih

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Farm ponds provide a home for birds and numerous species of aquatic animals in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Urbanization and development of infrastructure resulted in the gradual disappearance of these ponds. Currently, only 3800 ponds originally approximately 15.4 % remain, and 84.6 % of the surface area of the ponds has vanished. Aiming to protect avian diversity,(More)
Bird watching is one of many recreational activities popular in ecotourism. Its popularity, therefore, prompts the need for studies on energy conservation. One such environmentally friendly approach toward minimizing bird watching’s ecological impact is ensuring a reduced carbon footprint by using an economic travel itinerary comprising a series of(More)
The present study examined a mangrove ecosystem in northern Taiwan to determine how the various components of ecosystem function, ecosystem services and human wellbeing are connected. The overall contributions of mangrove services to specific components of human wellbeing were also assessed. A network was developed and evaluated by an expert panel(More)
Constructed ponds and wetlands are widely used in urban areas for stormwater management, ecological conservation, and pollution treatment. The treatment efficiency of these systems is strongly related to the hydrodynamics and hydraulic residence time. In this study, we developed a physical model and used rhodamine-WT as a tracer to conduct flume(More)
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