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Keywords: Anti-phishing Identity management In-band password delivery One-time password Web security a b s t r a c t Phishing is now a serious threat to the security of Internet users' confidential information. Basically, an attacker (phisher) tricks people into divulging sensitive information by sending fake messages to a large number of users at random.(More)
This study proposed a method to detect the little flame in the early stage of fire combustion. The foreground object was extracted by motion detection and YCb Cr color clues. To avoid the noise of motion detection in different resolution videos, background edge model is used to eliminate noise instead of morphology. Next, with the help of fire(More)
Service-Orientated Computing (SOC) has become a main trend in software engineering that promotes the construction of applications based on the notion of services. SOC has recently attracted the researchers' attention and has been adopted industry-wide. However, service composition that enables one to aggregate existing services into a new composite service(More)
As a promising, low-cost, and agile way to develop software, in recent years automatic service composition has been a popular research topic receiving a lot of attentions. For this topic, upon our long-term study and paper reviewed, we present technical survey and observation in this paper, including indispensable background and preliminary knowledge. The(More)
One prominent characteristic of product design for injection molded parts is that design and analysis (e.g. flow simulation) go hand-in-hand to ensure that the design is manufacturable by the injection molding process. Despite the wide use of CAD and CAE systems, it is known that communication between the two processes is poor. In this paper we propose a(More)
Nowadays, the mainstream of Web 2.0 website services is in the REST style called RESTful web service. RESTful services have been widely accepted by the public because of the usability and simplicity. Meanwhile, web service technologies realize service-oriented architecture (SOA) successfully and are exploited in both industry and academia. Notably, service(More)
Web service technologies are best exploited by composing services, and BPEL (Web Services Business Process Execution Language) is adopted industrial-wide as the de facto service composition standard. However, a BPEL composite service is typically treated as a fully automated service flow that orchestrates multiple web services and involves no user(More)