Shang-Ming Wang

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the dechlorination rate (from an initial concentration of 180 micromol l(-1)) and synergistic effect of combining commercial Fe(0) and autotrophic hydrogen-bacteria in the presence of hydrogen, during TCE degradation process. In the batch test, the treatment using Fe(0) in the presence of hydrogen (Fe(0)/H(2)),(More)
Reconnection of interrupted peripheral nerve by microsurgical suture is a common clinical practice. However, the extent to which peripheral neurorrhaphy improves nerve regeneration and functional recovery remains unsatisfactory. Here, we used anatomical and electrophysiological techniques to investigate the temporal correlation between the expressions of(More)
The efficiency of removing trichloroethylene (TCE) using co-immobilized zero-valent iron and autotrophic hydrogen-bacteria has been studied in this research. Laboratory results show that the combined physicochemical and biological system is much superior to either physicochemical or biological system alone in dechlorination of TCE. In addition to catalyzed(More)
A voltage-controlled negative-differential-resistance device using a merged integrated circuit of two n-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs and a vertical NPN bipolar transistor, called vertical Lambda-bipolar-transistor (VLBT), is presented for memory application. The new VLBT structure has been developed and its characteristics are derived by a simple(More)
A major cause of deaths among the elderly relates to accidental falls. Such falls are of particular medical concern to this population because they often result in severe injuries, since senior citizens usually live alone and cannot ask for help when accidents happen. In this paper, we propose a fall detection system with the help of a Gaussian mixture(More)
We previously reported that perineuronal astrocytic and microglial reactions are drastically upregulated in the facial nucleus after facial axotomy at the brain stem surface or the stylomastoid foramen. Furthermore, periaxonal astrocytic and microglial reactions develop retrogradely in the central facial tract which contains proximal facial axons in the(More)
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