Shang-Ming Huang

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1 We report experience in applying techniques for natural language processing to algorithmically generating test items for both reading and listening cloze items. We propose a word sense disambiguation-based method for locating sentences in which designated words carry specific senses, and apply a collocation-based method for selecting distractors that are(More)
Methylglyoxal is a reactive dicarbonyl compound generated as an intermediate of glycolysis during the physical glycation in the diabetic condition. It is considered to be a potent precursor of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) formation. Methylglyoxal itself and methylglyoxal-derived AGEs have been commonly implicated in the development of diabetic(More)
Traffic sign recognition is a difficult task if we aim at detecting and recognizing signs in images captured from unfavorable environments. Complex background, weather, shadow, and other lighting-related problems may make it difficult to detect and recognize signs in the rural as well as the urban areas. We employ discrete cosine transform and singular(More)
—Among all the wireless localization techniques, the Wi-Fi pattern-matching scheme is one of the most widely used approaches, which estimates the user's location by comparing his/her device's received signal strength (RSS) against a pre-trained radio map on the fly. The pattern-matching solutions have an inherent drawback: the expensive calibration(More)
We propose a framework for management of route information and provision of travel information in the context of public transportation systems. The information-management component combines information collected from diverse sources, and processes the information for the interests of service providers and travelers. Travelers may place queries via different(More)
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