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Changes in actin dynamics represent the primary response of the plant cell to extracellular signaling. Recent studies have now revealed that actin remodeling is involved in abiotic stress tolerance in plants. In our current study, the relationship between the changes in actin dynamics and the reactive oxygen species (ROS) level at the initial stages of salt(More)
Nodes in wireless Ad Hoc networks often encounter spatially-correlated contention, where multiple nodes in the same neighborhood all sense an event they need to transmit information about. The IEEE 802.11 DCF protocol can lead to severe unfairness, i.e., some nodes seize the whole channel capacity while others are starved. It is found that the main reason(More)
In this paper, we present a new method to improve the performance of current bag-of-word based image classification process. After feature extraction, we introduce a pair wise image matching scheme to select the discriminative features. Only the label information from the raining-sets is used to update the feature weights via an iterative matching(More)
Simulation of 3D garment is important in e-commerce, which can help a consumer to select a fitting dress. The existing systems use the finite element technique to create the simulation model, and the costing time is usually too long for consumers to wait. In this paper, a new simulation method based on six pieces of Bezier curved surfaces is presented,(More)
The difficulty of controlling drug release at an intracellular level remains a key challenge for maximising drug safety and efficacy. We demonstrate herein a new, efficient and convenient approach to extracellularly control the intracellular release of doxorubicin (DOX), by designing a delivery system that harnesses the interactions between the system and a(More)
In this paper, we study the joint price and power allocation in spectrum sharing macro-femtocell networks. The proposed game theoretic framework is based on bi-level Stackelberg game where macro base station (MBS) works as a leader and underlaid femto base stations (FBSs) work as followers. MBS has fixed data rate and imposes interference price on FBSs for(More)
The relative motion control for spacecraft rendezvous and docking is considered. The relative position dynamics described in the target spacecraft's orbital frame, and attitude dynamics of the chaser spacecraft described in the chaser body frame are all formulated in Euler-Lagrange forms. Based on property analysis of the coupled dynamic model a terminalb(More)