Shang-Fu Yuan

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A novel Au19 nanocluster with a composition of [Au19(PhC≡C)9(Hdppa)3](SbF6)2 was synthesized (Hdppa = N,N-bis(diphenylphosphino)amine). Single crystal X-ray structural analysis reveals that the cluster comprises a centered icosahedral Au13 core hugged by three V-shaped PhC≡C-Au-C≡C(Ph)-Au-C≡CPh motifs. Such motif is observed for the first time in an(More)
An alkynyl-protected gold nanocluster [Au24(C≡CPh)14(PPh3)4](SbF6)2 has been prepared by a direct reduction method. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction reveals that the molecular structure contains a Au22 core that is made of two Au13-centered cuboctahedra that share a square face. Two staple-like PhC≡C-Au-C≡CPh motifs are located around the center of the(More)
The chirality of a gold nanocluster can be generated from either an intrinsically chiral inorganic core or an achiral inorganic core in a chiral environment. The first structural determination of a gold nanocluster containing an intrinsic chiral inorganic core is reported. The chiral gold nanocluster [Au20(PP3)4]Cl4(More)
Ligand-protected metal nanoclusters as unique nanomaterials have attracted great attention. The protecting ligands that directly bind on the cluster surfaces are crucial in dictating the structures and properties of the clusters. In contrast to the extensively studied thiolates, alkynyl ligands have been found recently to be important ligands for(More)
Two unique silver nanoclusters protected by alkynyl and diphosphine ligands have been synthesized. Single crystal structural determination reveals that they have a centered anticuboctahedral Ag13 kernel. Such a kernel is observed for the first time in a coinage metal nanocluster. This work offers new insights into the fact that the PhC[triple bond, length(More)
A red-near-IR dual-emissive nanocluster with the composition [Au10 Ag2 (2-py-C≡C)3 (dppy)6 ](BF4 )5 (1; 2-py-C≡C is 2-pyridylethynyl, dppy=2-pyridyldiphenylphosphine) has been synthesized. Single-crystal X-ray structural analysis reveals that 1 has a trigonal bipyramidal Au10 Ag2 core that contains a planar Au4 (2-py-C≡C)3 unit sandwiched by two Au3(More)
A 23-gold-atom nanocluster was prepared by NaBH4-mediated reduction of a solution of PhC≡CAu and Ph3PAuSbF6 in CH2Cl2. The cluster composition was determined to be [Au23(PhC≡C)9(Ph3P)6](2+) and single-crystal X-ray diffraction revealed that the cluster has an unprecedented Au17 kernel protected by three PhC2-Au-C2 (Ph)-Au-C2 Ph motifs and six Ph3P groups.(More)
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