Shang-Chun Lu

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We provide a systematic and theoretical study of the electronic properties of a large number of impurities, vacancies, and adatoms in monolayer MoS2, including groups III and IV dopants, as well as magnetic transition metal atoms such as Mn, Fe, Co, V, Nb, and Ta. By using density functional theory over a 5 × 5 atomic cell, we identify the most promising(More)
This paper proposes a concept of providing a theme tour in which people can deeply experience heritage in a main topic using handheld devices. Based on the concept, a Demodulating and Encoding Heritage (DEH) heritage exploring system is developed using a Location Based Service (LBS) mechanism. In order to fulfill the LBS-based heritage touring experience, a(More)
A new vertical tunnel FET design based on black phosphorus is presented in this paper adopting asymmetric layer numbers for top and bottom layer with undoped drain. The results show that the SS and I<inf>on</inf>/I<inf>off</inf> can be maintained below 10 mV/dec and beyond 10<sup>5</sup>, respectively, when channel length is down to 3 nm.
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