Shanequa Bryant

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The nonrandom recurrent nature of chromosome abnormalities in myeloma suggests a role for them in disease pathogenesis. We performed a careful cytogenetic analysis of patients with abnormal karyotypes (n = 254), to discern patterns of association, search for novel abnormalities and elucidate clinical implications. Patients with karyotypic abnormalities(More)
PURPOSE A systematic review, including meta-analysis, was conducted to answer the question "Does the type of implant prosthesis affect outcomes for the completely edentulous arch?" The current paper was to assess the impact of fixed or removable prosthesis type on implant survival and success outcomes. MATERIALS AND METHODS Pertinent literature was(More)
We use field observations in two geographic regions within the British Isles and regression and neural network models to examine the relationship between microhabitat use, thoracic temperatures and activity in a widespread lycaenid butterfly, Polyommatus icarus. We also make predictions for future activity under climate change scenarios. Individuals from a(More)
When the mouth yields pain and distress, it can impact psychosocially the lives of older adults and might constitute a sensitive topic for open disclosure. In this article, we describe our use of a written vignette in focus groups for discussion of oral health and disablement. Six focus groups were conducted with 42 older men and women with an average age(More)
PURPOSE This retrospective study documented the 5-year cumulative survival rate (CSR) of 5-mm-diameter wide-bodied implants in posterior jaws as related to identified risk factors and relative host bone site dimensions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-four wide-bodied implants placed consecutively in the posterior jaws of 43 patients were matched using(More)
Group-living in animal populations has many possible ecological and evolutionary explanations, including predator evasion and feeding facilitation. In insects, the thermal balance of solitary and gregarious larvae is likely to differ and may thus have important ecological consequences. The abilities of the larvae of four species of nettle-feeding nymphalid(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate qualitatively a model of oral health through focus groups among elders. METHODS The participants (30 women and 12 men; mean age: 75 years) attended one of six focus groups to discuss the relevance of the model to their oral health-related beliefs and experiences, and transcripts of the narratives were analysed systematically for the(More)
A computer-assisted measurement technique for measuring bone levels proximal (mesial and distal) to oral implants imaged on standardized intraoral radiographs offers promise for accuracy and reliability. There were no differences between bone measurements made directly from bone proximal to implants placed in a dry mandible and those resulting from the(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this systematic review was to address treatment outcome according to attachment systems for mandibular implant overdentures in terms of implant survival rate, prosthetic maintenance and complications, and patient satisfaction. MATERIALS AND METHODS A systematic literature search was conducted using PubMed and hand searching of relevant(More)