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Applying traditional Adaptive Hypermedia techniques to the person-alization of news can pose a number of problems. The first main difficulty is the fact that news is inherently dynamic, thus producing an ever shifting pool from which content can be sourced. The second difficulty arises when trying to model a users interests and how they may be related to(More)
BACKGROUND Skeletal resistance to the calcaemic action of parathyroid hormone (PTH) is an important pathogenic factor in the development of secondary hyperparathyroidism. Since parathyroidectomy normalizes the calcaemic response to PTH in uraemic animals, the increase in PTH levels has been advanced as a cause of skeletal resistance to the calcaemic action(More)
The nephrologist's role in metformin-induced lactic acidosis ABSTRACT Metformin is an antihyperglycemic agent commonly used in diabetic patients. It is very effective and is able to reduce the plasma glucose and HbA 1C. However, in some patients, specially those with comorbidities, metformin can provoke severe lactic acidosis with high morbimortality.(More)
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