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The field of artificial intelligence has long surpassed the notion of verbal intelligence envisioned by Tur-ing (1950). Consequently, the Turing Test is primarily viewed as a philosopher's debate or a publicity stunt, and has little relevance to AI researchers. This paper describes the motivation and design of a set of behavioral tests called the Cognitive(More)
The fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, machine vision, and robotic control have all produced successes that demonstrate superiority of machines over the human for narrow problems, and have even sometimes performed tasks that are impossible for humans. Despite these successes, a true human-level machine intelligence remains a far-off dream.(More)
We used single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) to study 15 patients with Alzheimer's disease and nine controls. Iofetamine hydrochloride I 123 uptake data were recorded from the entire brain using a rotating gamma camera. Activity ratios were measured for the frontal, posterior parietal, posterior, medial, and lateral cortical temporal regions(More)
The Task-Taxon-Task method (Anno et al. DNA-TR-95-115, 1996) is a statistical modeling approach to predict performance decrements on behavioral tasks in response to various stressors. We describe the basics of the T3 method and our approach to adapting it to handle more acute stressors, which can require decomposition into task networks via logical or(More)
Background: Laboratory and field research in cognitive science often uses computer-based tools to design experiments and collect data. Although researchers are typically happy to exchange the data obtained from such studies, sharing the actual software used to collect the data is more difficult. This partly stems from the widespread use of special-purpose(More)
Strengthening semantic and orthographic associations among words in a lexicon may help to improve memory processes related to fluent organizing and retrieval of language. In the present study, we examined how training in several different word games impacts later retrieval access for the words. Games included a word-stem completion task (orthographic), a(More)
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