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Laser-induced fluorescence-cued, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy biological-agent detection.
Methods for accurately characterizing aerosols are required for detecting biological warfare agents. Currently, fluorescence-based biological agent sensors provide adequate detection sensitivity butExpand
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Plasma interferometry at high pressures
A general formulation for the measurement of plasma density and effective collision frequency for lowly as well as highly, collisional plasmas using millimeter wave interferometry is presented. InExpand
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Optical, wave measurements, and modeling of helicon plasmas for a wide range of magnetic fields
Helicon waves are excited in a plasma wave facility by a half-turn double-helix antenna operating at 13.56 MHz for static magnetic fields ranging from 200 to 1000 G. A non-perturbing optical probeExpand
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Measurement of aerosol-particle trajectories using a structured laser beam.
What is believed to be a new concept for the measurement of micrometer-sized particle trajectories in an inlet air stream is introduced. The technique uses a light source and a mask to generate aExpand
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Radio-Frequency Sustainment of Laser Initiated, High-Pressure Air Constituent Plasmas
In this paper we investigate the feasibility of creating a high‐density ∼ 1012−1014 cm−3, large volume seed plasma in air constituents by laser (300 mJ, 20(±2) ns) preionization of an organic gasExpand
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Experimental Measurements and Modeling of a Helicon Plasma Source with Large Axial Density Gradients
An investigation of wave magnetic field, density and temperature profiles, electron distribution function and wave‐correlated Argon optical emission in a helicon plasma source is carried out.Expand
Procédé et appareil pour mesurer simultanément une position tridimensionnelle d'une particule dans un flux
Selon l'invention, les systemes de detection de particules sans la connaissance de l'emplacement et de la vitesse d'une particule traversant un espace sont moins efficaces que si on connaissaitExpand
Optical diagnostic for examination of fast and thermal electrons from a helicon plasma source
Summary form only given, as follows. Helicon waves are excited in an argon plasma discharge by a twisted double helix antenna operating at 13.56 MHz. Two optical probes are used. One can be insertedExpand