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OBJECTIVES To carry out a review of published and unpublished work on the analysis on methods of accident investigation in high-risk industries, and of critical incidents in healthcare. To develop and pilot guidelines for the analysis of critical incidents in healthcare for the hospital sector, mental health and primary care. DATA SOURCES Literature(More)
is paper contrasts two inuential theoretical accounts of language change and evolution – Iterated Learning and Social Coordination. e contrast is based on an experiment that compares drawings produced with Garrod et al. 's (2007) 'pictionary' task with those produced in an Iterated Learning version of the same task. e main nding is that Iterated Learning(More)
This paper contrasts two accounts of audience design during multiparty communication: audience design as a strategic individual-level message adjustment or as a non-strategic interaction-level message adjustment. Using a non-interactive communication task, Experiment 1 showed that people distinguish between messages designed for oneself and messages(More)
Research indicates that, in comparison to other university students, law students are at greater risk of experiencing high levels of psychological distress. There is also a large body of literature supporting a general negative association between exercise and stress, anxiety and depression. However, we are not aware of any studies exploring the impact of(More)
Imitation alone cannot explain language evolution. Two additional ingredients have been proposed that may help explain the evolution of language systems: learning biases and social collaboration. An experimental method was developed that isolated the roles of collaboration and learning biases in the development of novel communication systems. Participants(More)
This paper examines a cognitive mechanism that drives perspective-taking and egocentrism in interpersonal communication. Using a conceptual referential communication task, in which participants describe a range of abstract geometric shapes, Experiment 1 shows that perspective-taking and egocentric communication are frequent communication strategies.(More)
We are not producing a product, but a well-balanced person.(1) It is well-documented that law students experience higher levels of psychological distress than members of the general population and university students in other professional disciplines. In 2014, we published our findings on an empirical study identifying the correlations between law student(More)
The views expressed in this document are solely those of the Council on Graduate Medical Education and do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. Government. The Council on Graduate Medical Education (COGME) was authorized by Congress in 1986 to provide an ongoing assessment of physician workforce trends, training issues, and financing policies and(More)
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