Shane L. Bell

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A 300-MHz, custom 64-bit VLSI, second-generation Alpha CPU chip has been developed. The chip was designed in a 0.5-um CMOS technology using four levels of metal. The die size is 16.5 mm by 18.1 mm, contains 9.3 million transistors, operates at 3.3 V, and supports 3.3-V/5.0-V interfaces. Power dissipation is 50 W. It contains an 8-KB instruction cache; an(More)
The circuit techniques used to implement a 600MHz, out-of-order, superscalar RISC Alpha microprocessor are described. Innovative logic and circuit design created a chip that attains 30+ SpecInt95 and 50+ SpecFP95, and supports a secondary cache bandwidth of 6.4GB/s. Microarchitectural techniques were used to optimize latencies and cycle time, while a(More)
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