Shane Hildebrand

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Geographically distinct populations of Paterson’s curse (Echium plantagineum L., Boragineacea), found near roadsides across New South Wales and Victoria, Australia were surveyed along 3 distinct longitudinal transects in spring of 2011 for presence of pyrrolizidine alkaloids and naphthoquinones in sampled plants. Composite samples of shoots and roots were(More)
AbslracL lime mode mupling lheory for supercooled liquid dynamics finds a p-relaxation regime on mesoscopic timeseales. It is caused by lhe interplay between nonlinear interadions of density Auclualions and phonon-assisted hopping transporl. In this regime all mrrelation Cundions and specua can be mprcssed in terms of a single parrelator G, which is a(More)
Several magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrasts are sensitive to myelin content in gray matter in vivo which has ignited ambitions of MRI-based in vivo cortical histology. Ultra-high field (UHF) MRI, at fields of 7T and beyond, is crucial to provide the resolution and contrast needed to sample contrasts over the depth of the cortex and get closer to(More)
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