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Agribusiness, the Family Farm, and the Politics of Technological Determinism in the Post–World War II United States
This historical political etymology of the term agribusiness (coined in 1955 by John H. Davis) traces the rise of a significant keyword in post–World War II American discourse, and the seeming inevitability of a consumer-driven, technologically determined, corporate capitalist logic of food production and distribution. Expand
The Economies and Conveniences of Modern-Day Living: Frozen Foods and Mass Marketing, 1945–1965
American frozen foods were originally considered a luxury product; the industry did not develop a mass market until the late 1940s. Only a few years after achieving mass-market sales, however,Expand
Response to Joseph E. Lowndes' review of Trucking Country: The Road to America's Wal-Mart Economy
  • Shane Hamilton
  • Economics, Political Science
  • Perspectives on Politics
  • 15 May 2009
Joseph Lowndes questions whether the independent truckers I write about were “central to the rise of the Right.” He suggests that truckers were mere dupes of “the architects of the modern Right,” whoExpand
Crop Insurance and the New Deal Roots of Agricultural Financialization in the United States
A range of private and public institutions emerged in the United States in the years before and after the Great Depression to help farmers confront the inherent uncertainty of agricultural productionExpand
Cold capitalism: The political ecology of frozen concentrated orange juice
Frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) was invented in 1945 by government researchers. To Florida orange growers beset by surplus production in some years and hard winter freezes in others, FCOJ wasExpand
The Populist Appeal of Deregulation: Independent Truckers and the Politics of Free Enterprise, 1935–1980
After spending a decade as an independent trucker hauling milk, watermelons, and paper across the United States, Mike Parkhurst sold his tractor-trailer in 1961 and used the proceeds to establishExpand
Different expectations: A comparative history of structure, experience, and strategic alliances in the U.S. and U.K. poultry sectors, 1920–1990
This comparative historical analysis demonstrates how memory and reflexive interpretations of the past can shape entrepreneurial willingness to collaborate with larger firms in an industry.Expand
Revisiting the History of Agribusiness
Nearly sixty years have passed since the publication of A Concept of Agribusiness by John H. Davis and Ray A. Goldberg. The book, which circulated widely among agricultural policymakers, businessExpand